Events for the Year 2023

WOPWA's Annual Meeting and 50th Anniversary Celebration

Date: 07/29/23 11:00 to 15:00
Summary: The annual business meeting followed by the 50th Anniversay Celebration
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Latest News


The water quality summary report from VLAP the 2021 sampling season is available along with its guide on how to interpret the report.

The water quality summary report from the 2021 sampling season is available along with its guide to interpretation.




Archived News

The 2022 water quality data is available.

Minutes have been posted for the board meetings that took place on 8/26/2021 and 6/12/2022.

The letter sent to the Town of Holderness Planning Board regarding the proposed Howard subdivision has been posted.

The water quality summary report from the 2020 sampling season  is available along with its guide to interpretation.


A natural resource inventory of the White Oak Pond Watershed was recently completed and a final report has been published.

A draft version of the minutes for the board meeting held on Aug 18, 2020 are now available.



A draft version of the 2020 Annual Meeting minutes are now posted.

The results of 2019 water quality testing are available at Lake Information Mapper tool. 

Information about 'Best Practices for Protecting the Pond' has been added to the water quality page or is available here.

A map of the White Oak Pond watershed is now available here.


Agenda for the upcoming Annual Meeting has been posted.

The WOPWA mailing lists have been updated and a format for printing your own labels has been added.

The WOPWA membership lists have been updated with corrections from the 2010 annual meeting.   A new shorter format is available that is nice for quick phone or address lookups.