Who We Are

WOPWA is a volunteer-based, community-driven organization whose mission is to protect and conserve the natural, scenic, and historic resources of White Oak Pond and its tributaries. Our membership is deeply committed to the preservation of the White Oak Pond watershed, and consists of 90+ community members, many of whom are 3rd or 4th generation WOPWA members.  We welcome anyone with an interest in preserving the watershed region to join. Interested in becoming a member? Learn more here.

What We Do

WOPWA conducts business throughout the year for the purpose of the preservation of the Pond and its tributaries, and to drive a sense of community among residents of the watershed region. This includes water testing conducted solely by volunteers three times a year, in order to monitor and report on change in water quality.

Our History

WOPWA was founded in 1973 by Mary Perry for the purpose of promoting conservation of natural and fragile areas around the pond and its watershed that at the time were not adequately covered by the Squam Lakes Association (SLA). During this time, there was a new wave of development happening in the region, and local neighbors felt it was imperative to take action in order to protect the environmental well-being of the region. Throughout the years, WOPWA has remained committed to important community issues such as preservation of water quality and weed-watching, concern about pilot training flights over the lake, dam rights, operations and draw-downs, wetlands and wildlife preservation through the enlistment of conservation organizations and land trusts in limiting development, and the general unification / sense of community of area residents. Below, you will find historical meeting minutes and official WOPWA documents.

Annual Meeting Minutes